About CreditCardSaver

Our Mission

The Best Card For You: we help you understand the credit card fees you're paying today and find a card that's better value for you.

What's the big idea?

We all use credit cards differently. Some use cards for big payments like the annual holiday or a new sofa. For others a credit card helps when money gets a bit tight at the end of month. People have cards for business expenses. And others love collecting rewards for their spending. The card that best suits you is different from the card that's right for the next person.

What's more, credit card companies have all kinds of charges you might be incurring. While APR (interest) is important if you're a regular borrower, we've met plenty of people who say "I always pay off my bill each month" who are actually paying hundreds of pounds in fees each year. Making payments abroad, getting cash out or paying a bill late all incur charges and can add up to huge costs each year.

You can minimise these costs by choosing a card that is best suited to how you use it.

Why is it hard to find out the card fees I'm paying?

We set up the service because we found it difficult to find out what our credit cards were really costing us. Card statements typically have this information embedded in the details but it is hard to get at. If you have a calculator and the time you can go line by line through your statement adding up the different charges. But this gets boring very quickly - especially if you want to look at a number of statements.

Site status

This site is currently in beta while we test and refine the code. We'd love to hear your comments - what works, what doesn't, what you'd like to see. Please contact us with your thoughts.