Upload Your Statements

The easiest way for you to send us your statement information is for you to upload your recent statement files directly. We use industry standard SSL technology to ensure the information you send is encrypted.

Choose your credit card company, select your statement files and click Go. To find out how to download your statement files take a look at Step 1.

Please take the time to read and understand the standard CCS Terms and Conditions, which you can read here. By clicking on GO, you acknowledge that you accept our standard CCS Terms and Conditions. The Service is to be used entirely at your own risk, and CCS makes no promises or guarantees of any kind that the results we give you or any credit card suggested by them will result in any benefit, or avoid any disadvantage, to you or to any third party. In addition, you should not use this comparison tool at all if you have a poor credit score.

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Or Type In Your Statement Information

Click here to enter your transaction information directly from your statements. We suggest you take your six most recent statements to get a good representation of how you use your card.

Example: if you spent £100 in the month, you paid £125 to pay off your previous month's statement balance, and your new statement balance was £100, enter the numbers 100, 125 and 100 in the 'Total Purchases', 'Payments made to Card Company' and 'Statement Balance' rows.

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