Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the questions we get asked about this site here. If your question isn't covered then please email us at and we'll do our best to answer.


How secure is the file upload to your servers?

We use industry standard SSL technology to ensure any data you send to us is encrypted. You will see the padlock symbol SSL secure credit card upload in your browser and the web address starts with 'https' that indicate SSL is operating. The same SSL technology is used by many online retailers to secure online transactions.

What happens to the files that I upload to the site?

Any statement files that you upload are deleted immediately after they have been read by our server. By the time you see the page showing your card usage any files you have uploaded will already have been deleted.

What personal information is included in the statement files I upload?

The statement information depends on the card company. Take a look here to see examples of the personal information included in the statement files of different card companies. If you don't feel comfortable uploading your statement files then you can manually enter your statement information at Step 2.

Do you store my credit card statement information?

We do not store any personal information from your statement. The files you upload are immediately deleted after they have been processed. We do keep a log of how many people have visited our site and summary information about their card usage - as described in our terms of use.

Can I store my statements on your site then return each month and upload my most recent statement?

We are unable to offer this facility as we do not store any information that identifies individual users of the site.

Credit Card Companies

My credit card company isn't listed - why not?

We have included many of the popular credit card companies in the UK and we'd love to add more UK card companies - but we need help! To add a new card company we need some sample statements that show different transaction types like cash withdrawals, foreign currency payments and interest charges. If your card company isn't listed and you'd like to help us add them to this site then please get in touch.

You've mis-classified some of my transactions / your information doesn't match what my statement says - what's going on?

Our site is still in beta as we refine the code. One of the difficulties we face is that credit card companies often describe similar transactions differently. You may have stumbled across a transaction description that we're not correctly capturing. We'd love to hear from you! Please email the details through to us here.

Why do you suggest customers submit six statements or more?

We can all have 'good' months when we don't borrow on credit cards and 'bad' months when we do. What's critical is how this adds up over time. If you just look at one 'good' month then this can distort the true costs of using a credit card.

You suggest I upload six statements but my card company only lets me download three statements - what should I do?

We suggest you upload as many statements as you can to get the truest picture of how you use your card - we have a maximum limit of 24 statements. If your card company limits the number of statements you can download then when you review your card usage on this site bear in mind this represents a snapshot of your usage.

Why do you require more than one statement from some card companies?

Some card companies don't include enough information in their statement downloads for us to calculate statement balances and/or payments made. Using multiple statements allows us to get this information by comparing the information in consecutive statements.

Why do I have to download my statements in format 'xxx' - why can't I use format 'yyy'?

We request specific formats to get the transaction information we need that our system can easily interpret. To see what information is included in the statement files of different card companies take a look here.

Card Usage Descriptions

You've descibed me as ____ and I disagree!

We have developed rules that categorise credit card usage into one of several types based on our experience of credit card usage. If you feel that we've mis-classified you then we may need to update the rules we use. Please let us know.

Why do you separate out Cash and Foreign Currency transactions?

Credit card companies typically make charges for using a card to withdraw cash from an ATM and to make purchases abroad. For customers who do this regularly these charges can add up, but it can be hard to see the total of all these charges on your card statements. We show these separately to highlight the amount you are being charged.


How can I get in contact with you?

Please email all enquries to

How do you get paid?

This site is currently in Beta as we develop the code. We do not get paid for the site at present. If this changes we will update this FAQ.